tales from the greek communist underground

I am happy to say that after 35 years of political rivalry, the Greek Marxist-Lenninist Communist Party (M-L CP) and the Greek Lennininst-Marxist Communist Part (L-M CP) have merged to one, now titled M-L CP (L-M).

This brings to my memory another amazing event from the greek underground communist scene, which during the 80s had nearly become an urban political myth among the comrades.

In late 70s, just a few years after the fall of the greek military junta, revolutionary left reached its heyday. Part of this self excitatory movement was a tiny Maoist Communist Party which didn’t involve more than 5 or 6 persons, the majority of which university students including some intellectuals too. This party had strong political and – as retrospectively proved- emotional affinities with a specific group of Chinese comrades members of the then central committee of the Chinese Communist Party. To note that none of the Chinese comrades had any idea about the existence of their Greek admirers. One day, one of the Greek comrades heard the terrible news that some Chinese comrades of that group had a minor argument about something which to them appeared an enormous issue, probably exaggerated by the huge distance between Athens and Beijing and certainly confounded by the overwhelming awe of this long distance one way relationship. Greek comrades felt obligated to transfer this argument some thousand kilometres away. They themselves caught up in an argument which inevitably and expectedly resulted in the splitting of this much promising revolutionary party.

Oh yes, here’s a great one taken from the crosswords of the 6 monthly journal of a tiny Greek Stalinist Communist Party, again back in the 80s:

This was never made by Joseph Stalin.7 letters.

The answer: Mistake

So I guess following the above, this short scene from the Monty Python’s famous film can only be rather too passée.