Nudism is socialism

If what is reported about this photo is true, it could only be a pleasant surprise to see the Chancellor of Germany in her youth enjoying her naked body, freely and with confidence, hanging around in the company of her cute girlfriends, away from the nightmarish evocation of her current role. As a young socialist back then, she might have also been involved in the Freikorperkultur movement, that solid German nudism movement dating back to the Weimar Republic years, which required decisive activist persistence and disobedience to secure its existence in the East German regime.

Afterall, naked body is the best way to discard class identity. And probably the most humane one. The DDR regime not only was unable to prevail over the naked body but conversely, and perhaps more consciously than any other attempt of liberalization, it adopted it as a  socialist model of sexual freedom and social progress.

Even in this way, even if this comes from this mastermind of policies that save banks and destroy Peoples, this photo did remind me that nudism is actually socialism. And what is more, a voluntary, anarchist socialism. Synonymous to freedom, to personal independence, self-determination, autonomy. And synonymous to equality. This intact, classless equality. Nudity and nudism, and perhaps most of all the east German one, remind me more than anything that freedom in every aspect of life is the most important tool to raise humanity in the happiest state of living. And certainly the most visible one.