avant Lagarde

 Greek parents have to take responsibility if their children are being affected by spending cuts. “Parents have to pay their tax,
Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund chief

The dominant ideology of this woman, and of every neo-liberal of this world, is that this thing we call poverty does not exist. If there are poor this is due to their personal errors. Whoever gets poor, whoever impoverishes, are responsible for their poverty, responsible for their impoverishment. They are the ones to blame. The symptoms of neoliberal policies are turned into intrinsic disadvantages of the victims, a deficit in their characters, into laziness, social indifference, irresponsibility. Violence, prostitution, the forced migration, addictions, increased rates of suicides, every kind of social pathology of its new form, as the consequence of poverty, destitution and misery resulting in reality from this policy, is therefore due to the problematic personalities in the society, because of the  irresponsibility of these personalities and of other evils as well, but not due to the implemented policy. And of course, it is absolute justice for those inherently irresponsible tax evaders to watch next generation, their children, sinking into depression.
Thatcherism would have at least glorified the capital, the owners of the wealth, before demonising the impoverished and the wasted. Langardism on the other side , does not even bother.