they’re back


The sound effect of capturing the picture above instantly attracted the attention of this lovely young lady sitting next to me on the train, a freshly waken commuter, English in her origins, who raised her eyes from the morning newspaper and as if responding to an implicit obligation she tried  to make the connection. She then looked at me and smiled. I looked at her as well and as I was sensing her confirming her initial assumption with the help of my racial characteristics, I wondered whether I had actually managed to project to her this emotional confusion I found myself in first thing  that morning.
“It seems they are back”, I said to her with an accent and hopelessly abandoned the idea that she could understand this connotation which leads to a well known 1948 Greek film (depicting the horror of nazis returning to a country devastated by poverty and civil war).
“You have a beautiful country”, she replied, welcoming my accent and refreshing the start of the day.
I said nothing. And the silence that followed did not help at all …


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